Nasir al mulk mosque


Nasir al-Mulk Mosque



Nasir al-Mulk or Pink Mosque, is a traditional well known mosque with an outstanding architecture. It is located at the district of Gowad-e Araban close to the holy shrine of Shah-e Cheraq. The mosque was built by the order of Mirza Hasan Ali (Nasir al-Mulk), one of Qajar rulers during Qajar dynasty from 1876 to 1888.

Speaking of the heritage, it has roots in Islamic art, architecture, tile making, geometry, patterns and other arts that thrived in the golden age of Islam.



Two famous architects named Mohammad Hasan-e Memar and Moammad Reza Kashi-Saz-e-Shirazi from Iran have designed it. Considering the use of significant pink color tiles in the mosque's interior design, it is also named the Pink Mosque. Its architectural design is of great importance from many points of view. It is a place where tourists can see Islamic art reaching its apex. There are some particularly fine "Muqarnas" in the outer portal as well as the northern "iwan", but what brings the tourists here, surprises them and dazzles the eyes is the stained glasses where the mourning shines directly reflected through them and the reflections play all around the room on Iranian colorful carpets. It provides a great opportunity in order for tourists to enjoy and take photos.

The designers Muhammad Hasan-e-Memar and Muhammad Reza Kashi-Saz-e Shirazi used stained glass on the facade and other traditional elements such as Panj Kaseh-i (five concaves) extensively which creates a breathtaking effect of the interior.



The mosque also has another names such as "Mosque of Colors", the "Rainbow Mosque" or the "Kaleidoscope Mosque". This diversity in the names come from its unique attraction mentioned before.

The mosque come to life with the sunrise and colors dance throughout the day.

The best time to be there for both enjoying the spectacular sun's reflections and taking photos is from 8 to 10 A.M. A very interesting feature of the summer mosque is the cow well so called because cattle were used to work the machinery to draw the water up from a very deep well.

Do not forget to be there in the morning between 8 to 10 A.M to soak up the flavors of Iran!